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Flyby F-11

Machine learning ready UAV platform for developers & operators.

We're building a drone with an open compute architecture, enabling developers to run AI applications on the edge seamlessly while simplifying field complexity for drone operators.

• NDAA Compliant & Made in America

• 5G Integrated for BVLOS & Remote Ops

• Top/Bottom Modular Payload Mounts

• AI Mission Planning & Navigation

• Programmable On-Edge NVIDIA® ML Modules

• LIDAR Obstacle Avoidance (Flyby F-11 Aegis)

LIDAR Obstacle Avoidance

Avoidance that actually works for mission-critical applications.

Available exclusively on our Aegis model. For mission-critical work, camera-based obstacle avoidance is just not accurate enough. Our multi-array LIDAR systems knows precisely how far your drone is from any object, at any given time, in any lighting condition.

Trust the F-11 Aegis to deliver reliable and accurate distance measurement at all times, empowering you to make informed decisions and avoid potential collisions.

Unparalleled Payload Versatility

Fit the tools and get the image you want for any mission.

Our UAV platform is designed to equip you with the tools for any mission. With the ability to mount payloads on both the bottom and top, our drone offers unparalleled versatility. Choose from a wide range of payload options, including but not limited to:

• Gremsy VIO 640p FLIR thermal 4K 20x optical zoom camera

• Sony A7R V full-frame 60MP camera

• Sierra-Olympia OGI (optical gas imaging) camera

Built for Pilots by Pilots

The most intuitive UAV platform on the market.

Built for drone pilots by drone pilots, every single aspect of our drone has been designed with user experience in mind, from dual hot-swappable batteries to a pilot app that's both intuitive yet customizable.

10 km Radio Link
5G/LTE (Triple) with Auto-Fallback
NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™
RTK 1 cm + 1 ppm (Horizontal)
50 mins
56 km/hr
9500 grams

Versatile Aerial Platform

A configurable flying super-computer at your command.

Harnessing the power of 50 trillion operations per second of on-edge processing power, the F-11 delivers superior performance across a wide range of applications, including inspections, public safety and beyond.

Experience enhanced situational awareness, real-time data analysis capability, and reduced operational costs.

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